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[tor-talk] PETools workshop submissions due May 15

PETools: Workshop on Privacy Enhancing Tools

July 9, 2013, Bloomington, Indiana, USA
Held in conjunction with PETS 2013


The goal of this workshop is to discuss the design of privacy tools
aimed at real-world deployments. This workshop will bring together
privacy practitioners and researchers with the aim to spark dialog and
collaboration between these communities.

Existing privacy enhancing tools range from web browser plugins to
specialized software, and are all aimed at empowering users to better
control their privacy. For widespread adoption and continued
effectiveness, however, these tools need to be made usable and be
continually refined and examined by researchers and developers. While
certain tools such as Tor have successfully received such attention,
this workshop seeks to stimulate such collaborative efforts for a
plethora of privacy enhancing tools and discuss the continued
evolution of privacy enhancing tools in the real world.

Topics of interest include researcher and developer efforts on
real-world tools related to:

* usability
* human factors
* privacy plugins and extensions
* encryption software
* email
* health
* advertising
* steganography
* anonymizers
* identity management
* social networking
* cloud computing and storage
* Internet telephony
* mobile and pervasive computing (e.g., smartphones and home
* attacks on real-world PETools (aimed at improving these PETools)
* Anti-PETools (tools that attack privacy, spurring discussion on
  PETools to counter such Anti-PETools)
* and more

Important dates:
PETools submission deadline for abstracts: May 15, 2013, 23:59 UTC (8pm EDT)
PETools notification: June 5, 2013
PETools deadline for revised abstracts (for the online program): June 14, 2013

This workshop seeks submissions of two-page abstracts (excluding
bibliography and appendices; with 11pt font and reasonable margins) of
talks related to the improvement of privacy-enhancing tools aimed at
real-world deployments. Submissions should not be
anonymized. Submission types include:

* original scientific work
* preliminary research results
* recent results published elsewhere
* position papers
* research surveys

Submissions must be made in PDF format using EasyChair:

No proceedings:
The PETools Workshop has no official proceedings, and accepted
abstracts will not be included in the PETS proceedings. Since there
are no formal or archival proceedings, acceptance at this workshop
does not preclude publication at other venues. Accepted abstracts will
be made available online on this website to support discussion by the
workshop attendees.

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