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Re: [tor-talk] TOR with a VPN service [was "Restarting TorBrowser (not all of Tor)"]

On 05/15/2013 09:14 AM, Frederick Jakubowsi wrote:

> Hi, in case you know?  Can you use TOR with a VPN service?

Yes, you can route Tor through VPN services, to prevent your ISP etc
from seeing that you use Tor. You can also route VPN services through
Tor, to prevent Internet sites from seeing Tor exits. And you can do
both simultaneously. Using VM networking, it's not very difficult.

If you'll be routing VPN services through Tor, you want to use ones that
are free, so there's no money trail. If you use paid VPN services, your
anonymity will be proportional to the difficulty in following the money
trail. Also, your anonymity will be limited by the uniqueness of the
browser signature etc that you reveal to Internet sites. That includes,
of course, the identity of the VPN service that you're routing through Tor.

And FYI, it's better to start new threads for new topics :)


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