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[tor-talk] [OT] rewriting a text

Silly dillema. But I said what the heck, this might be the best place in the whole World to ask it.

I have been reading lately about the ability to fingerprint an user based on the particularities of writing. Each person has a prefference for certain words, makes certain spelling mistakes, and so on. And the more text the better for the machine to identify the writer.

Voice is also in the same sittuation. Even when having a cold, the print is there and a machine can extract it even if the ear does not perceive that. So some are using a digital voice to read a text, thus no fingerprint.

Is there a method to recompose some text? The same way as code prettyprinters. It takes your text and rephrases it to an uniform formula. One way I can think of is the use of some translation tool. Write it in some other language than the target and use the translation tool to get an impersonal version. Only the initial text is also fingerprintable and stored who knows how much on the server.

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