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Re: [tor-talk] HTML5 video and Tor anonymity.

2013/5/17 Griffin Boyce <griffinboyce@xxxxxxxxx>

>  Flash isn't even as useful as current alternatives (webm <video>).
> You could make the case that Flash allows for amazing video games, but
> that seems like the perfect use-case for high-throughput/low-lag VPNs.

I don't want to extend a discussion about Flash too much. But with WebGL
HTML5 is up and beyond Flash in terms of potential for games.

There will always remain Flash dependent webpages. And I'm talking about
those build-completely-in-flash websites. I've even experienced a ton of
Korean websites that require you to install COM objects, activate ActiveX
in IE, require you to install some file from a .exe, or all of the above.

Just forget about it, it's not worth the effort. Users should complain and
reject too non-standard webpages so much that they'll stop being developed,
that's the only way to really fix this.

The easiest way now would be sandboxing and manually approving every
network request. The other ways are experimental, circumstantial and
exceedingly hard to program.
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