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[tor-talk] GlobaLeaks 0.2 Alpha (herMario edition) released!

Dear All,

We are pleased to announce the release of GlobaLeaks 0.2 Anonymous Whistleblowing Software.

GlobaLeaks enables organizations interested in running Whistleblowing initiatives to setup their own safe zone, where whistleblowers and recipients can exchange data.

The software is provided for Linux with a ready-made system and network hardened installation.

Thanks to Tor software, a GlobaLeaks node provides anonymity to whoever runs it and to Whistleblowers submitting information through it.

Check it out now: https://globaleaks.org/

On the project’s Wiki at https://github.com/globaleaks/GlobaLeaks/wiki you can find useful information on:
- How to plan & organize your whistleblowing setup (this can be useful to journalist organization, hacktivists)
- How to Install, configure, customize & troubleshoot GlobaLeaks (for technical people)
- How to contribute to the development (for developers)
- Understanding the Security Threat Model of GlobaLeaks (for security minded people)

You can read about the functionalities currently implemented in our Changelog: https://github.com/globaleaks/GlobaLeaks/wiki/Changelog .

Please note that this is an Alpha Release, so the software is expected to contain bugs!

GlobaLeaks 0.2 is a young project, so we invite you to help us fixing the documentation, reviewing the code and discussing security issues. 
Check out our bug hunting page at https://globaleaks.org/bughunting/
For hackers that spot security bugs or get engaged in the development of GlobaLeaks we will be giving out USB keys of the Hermes Center with Tails preloaded :-)

If you are an organization interested in setting up a whistleblowing initiative check out our GlobaLeaks Fast Track Program on our website. 
We will provide you with assistance in planning and implementing your Whistleblowing Site. 

GlobaLeaks 0.2 is a project supported by the Open Technology Fund: http://www.opentechfund.org 

GlobaLeaks 0.2 is a project by Hermes Center for Transparency and Digital Human Rights:

You can contact the Globaleaks team at info@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx or on IRC on #globaleaks at irc.oftc.net 
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