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[tor-talk] Stealth mode


I have a simple enough question that I hope someone can help me with.

In Mac there is a setting called 'stealth mode.'
As I understand this setting, a request to a port or ping or somesuch,
will get no response from the computer at all. No indication that there is
anything there at all - like a computer.
Whomever or whatever made the request will not know.

Is stealth mode a setting that will hinder or enhance the use of the Tor Bundle?

I have read here quite a few times that the better configured one's computer
is for anonymity or security, the more one actually stands out!

Is this an accurate take on this on my part? If one wants anonymity, for those who
want the best they can get, it would seem this is contrary to what they think they have.

The same applies to security I guess.

I suppose you can have one or the other but not both simultaneously.

Anyway, I have used Tor for some time now without any trouble at all but
never really know, or know how to check, to see if I really am anonymous or secure.

If there is an archive thread concerning this, I don't know about it, so giving me a head's up
in the right direction would get me reading instead of asking you people. (how to find it, where to go)

Really enjoy following some of the arguments and nasty to-and-fros you'all get into

You all are so smart so I really need the occaisonal "unsubscribe me, PLEASE" to make me
feel better.

Do you mind if I call you Lou?
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