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[tor-talk] New version of the Tor Flashproxy Badge Firefox Extension


I just wanted to give a quick heads up on my Firefox extension. It's now not really a badge anymore (maybe someone knows a better name?). I replaced the icon and aso I included the Flashproxy JS into the application and gave it a lot of lifting (300 lines instead of 1000), removing mostly the badge and some not really used features.

I did this not for the sake of forking, but because I wanted to replace the badge stuff with an event based interface, so I can make it more like an extension. Also users told me they wanted to see numbers of how many people they helped and things like that. One could also add a configuration interface. Another thing is that I think just using the badge forces me to have the extension bound to the UI. I really hope this doesn't come off like an evil fork, because I mainly wanted to have a small working JavaScript class for Firefox.

Also this has the benefit of executing trusted JavaScript (not just downloading and executing it when the extension loads), which may be considered a security benefit. The HTTPS version never worked for me on Firefox. I think on Chrome it works just fine.

What would be really cool would be some kind of logo and a better icon. Currently I just use a small roundish thingy (people didn't like the look of the badge). So if anyone has fun with designing that would be really cool as I am awful at this.

The last thing that was requested was putting the source code on GitHub and now it is:


The add-on itself can be found here:


Hope you enjoy. Feedback is welcome!
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