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[tor-talk] [OT] Generating a web site

Hey fellas!

I want to organise a few texts into a minimalistic website. Something
slim and fast ready to run well from an .onion. I want html, css and
graphics only if very important. And the verbosity and definitions kept
to a minimum.

I could do that with a notepad-like app. But that means I risk messing
up the markup. I could use something like nVu, but I still have to link
the pages and do all the micromanagement involved. So I thought to
myself why not use some CMS. Only I don't know which. The output should
be HTML, trimmed down CSS and graphics only if needed. I don't need or
want AJAX, JS and other fancy scripts that double or treble the file size.

Finally, I guess I need something like pdflatex. Give it the text and
compile the result. Leaving me to sync the local directory with the
site. Also, knowledge of markdown would be a serious advantage. Call now!
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