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Re: [tor-talk] [OT] Generating a web site

Griffin Boyce:
> If all you need is html, css, and images, then I'd recommend using
> BlueGriffon and avoiding a CMS.  Your hidden service will run faster and
> you eliminate the risk of database injection or CMS vulnerabilities.

That was my point. A CMS that outputs plain HTML and no dynamic stuff.
That would handle the tree structure and even some RSS. Gota give that
team a thank you, including the late Aaron Schwarz, RSS is a wonderful
thing in this torrent of information.

> Try PanDoc:
> http://jonmifsud.com/blog/writing-in-markdown-and-converting-markdown-to-pdf/

There are also some text editors that can do the change. But also the
app building the site can do it and attach the header and footer in the
same step.

Thank you for your answer. If there weren't any FOSS projects already
doing what I need that would have been the best path.

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