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Re: [tor-talk] You could use ModX to create .onion sites,

On 5/22/13 11:46 PM, Griffin Boyce wrote:
> Gregory Disney <gregory.disney@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Creating a .onion site is no difference between creating a normal site.
>> '.onion' is a address assigned a to a web server when it connects to the
>> tor network.
> Disagree to some extent. You don't want to pull in a bunch of scripts,
> fonts, or images hosted off-site.  There are some interesting usability
> considerations when making a hidden service.
> ~Griffin

Definitely scripting and CMS should be avoided.  There are too many
opportunities for something to go wrong.  The site's technology should
be as simple as possible.  Straight XHTML should do.  If standardized
headers, footers, and menus are wanted, then SSI can do that without the
need for adding in Perl, PHP, Java or anything else like that.

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