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Re: [tor-talk] Tor's reputation problem with pedo, some easy steps the community could take

The New Yorker just helped out for some positive PR surrounding hidden services.  Last Monday, they implemented "strongbox."  It's a means of sending the New Yorker tips and information without fear of reprisal, since not even the New Yorker can know who someone is as a result of IP address logs. The fundamental tech driving that at the core is Tor's hidden services.

Sorry to resurrect an old discussion.  But, this thread came to mind as I was reading about Strongbox this week.  With a main stream publication like the New Yorker using Tor's hidden services in order to result in public good, this is a very good piece of PR for Tor that should be emphasized.  Here are some links.



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 some easy steps the community could take

On Mon, Apr 29, 2013 at 01:32:59PM -0400, Chris Patti wrote:
> As a newcomer to Tor, as I explored the various onions out there, I felt as
> if practically everywhere I turned there were links taking me to pedo
> sites, IRC channels etc.

Hi Chris,

I agree with you. Part of what we have done a poor job communicating
is that hidden services are a tiny fraction of overall Tor use. The
wikipedia article on Tor is mostly written by hidden service enthusiasts
(as far as I can tell), which further misleads people.

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