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[tor-talk] Skype banned tor-nodes?

Hello, people!

Because many my contacts continue to use Skype and don't want to use any
nice soft (such as jabber, torchat and etc.) I need to use it too.
For protecting of my location and etc. I use it only through Tor (on VM
working under transparently-torifed user).
Some days ago I would be very, very difficalt to connect to skype
through the Tor-net (earlier it was very easy).
As can I see in my Vidalia, my skype application can make resolving
through tor and can connect to hosts through port 443, but conncetions
with port 33033 cannot establish (I can the the trying to open it and
after it it closed immediatly).
As can I see the skype doesn't work without that connections which now
establishes very rarely.
I have 2 versions:
a) the Skype team ban the Tor-connections to skype (but I can still
connect to skype to ports 443 and I can to browse their web-site and
even log in to it through the Tor without any problems)
b) many Tor-exits don't let the above-mentioned port (33033) in their
It is not good from the Skype team if they do the first.
If the second  hypothesis is right I ask owners of Exit-nodes, if it
possible, to let that port in their ExitPolicies.
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