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Re: [tor-talk] Skype banned tor-nodes?

Mike Perry:
> Cross-posting to tor-relays to give everyone the heads up - I just added
> 33033 to the ReducedExitPolicy page for Skype:
> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/doc/ReducedExitPolicy
> Non-relay related discussion should remove tor-relays from the Cc.

Very thanks.
As can I see through Vidalia and `netstat` on the stage of establishing
connections the skype-client connects with some hosts belonging
Microsoft and "Skype Technology" with ports 443, 12350, 33033
In the next time establishes connections with some other ports.
Always there was no problem to log in to skype through the Tor-net
(using transparently-torified scheme) but some days ago something was
I can log in to skype with some difficults but I cannot see status of my
contacts, chat with them and etc.
As can I see from Vidalia the Tor-client tries to open connection for
skype to port 33033 and cannot do it. Connections with 443 and 12350 are
Sometimes it connects but after some minutes it disconnects.
I don't know whether the skype ban connections or the owners of
Tor-nodes in a one moment reject the port â 33033 but it looks like the
first not the second.
When I try to connect with skype through vpn (openvpn) after Tor-net it
works nice.
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