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[tor-talk] Upcoming stable release: Please test?

Hi, all!

We're going to be releasing Tor soon.  I have a candidate
source bundle at


This is not the final Tor release.  It is a testing bundle
that I made today.  I'm not planning to add any more code to it,
though, unless we find new bugs.

It should have a signed SHA256 hash in the file:


I might upload new versions over the next several days if I find bugs
to fix.

There's a copy of the current 0.2.4.x changelog here:


Does it work for you?  (This is going to be a question for people who
build Tor from source.)  In particular, I'm most interested in any new
bugs in this version that were not in

If you find a bug in this bundle that was not present in,
please let me know -- either by sending an email, or opening a ticket
on trac.

best wishes,
Nick Mathewson
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