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Re: [tor-talk] ICANN and .onion

Anders Andersson:
> A few years ago, ICANN started to accept suggestions for new top-level
> domain names. A friend recently posted a .onion link to me, and it made me
> realize that there might be a big problem if a company or organization
> other than Tor actually registered .onion and made it work in any browser.
> 1) Has there been any discussions regarding the severity of the problem if
> it should eventually happen? If so, are the discussions or the result of
> them available online for reading?
> 2) Has Tor applied to ICANN about the .onion domain, or discussed the pro
> and con of doing this?


The document actually expired yesterday:

The last call for review on DNSOP has seen no reaction:

I am not familiar enough of IETF processes to know what that means.

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