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Re: [tor-talk] Firefox, Adobe, and DRM

On 5/19/2014 6:13 AM, Mike Perry wrote:
> Due to the ubiquity of deployment of this scheme, it is likely that this
> identifier will soon be abused by all sorts of entities, likely starting
> with banking and government sectors, and quickly moving on to the
> advertising industry (why not play a short device-linked DRM video with
> your banner ad? You get a persistent, device-specific tracking
> identifier as part of the deal!). I think it is also quite likely that
> many arbitrary sites will actually deny access to users who do not
> provide them with such a device-id, if only due to ease of increased
> revenue generation from a fully identified userbase.
> I hope that when this happens, we will begin to see FOSS
> re-implementations of this identifier mechanism, if not the CDM itself.
> Hopefully we won't be fighting this aspect of the battle by ourselves.
> It will be a way more costly battle to fight than simply removing the
> DRM.

Would it be difficult to either:
A.  Send a random ID with each request
B.  Treat the ID almost like a session cookie.  When the session ends,
so does the ID.

Obviously neither option will be very useful for sites that make you
authorize each new browser you connect (like banks, facebook, etc)...
but for the random snoopy site wouldn't this be sufficient?

-- Mike
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