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Re: [tor-talk] Tor Browser for Raspbian

> I want to use my Raspberry as a easy and cheap Tor access. But not to
> setup Tor is the problem, to setup the browser in a secure way is the
> problem. I had a browser setup before I used TBB and thought I could
> setup it for myself.
> At first I tried to copy the TBB profile to my Raspbian and use it
> with Iceweasel. No success, the Torbutton was missbehaving and the
> browser was not using Tor.
> The second thing I tried was to extract the browser profile from
> TAILS. No success too.

The Tor Browser is not only a Firefox profile and extensions. It is also
change to Firefox code without which it will not work. You might try to
rebuild the iceweasel package made by Tails for Raspbian, but it's
likely to take some time:

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