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[tor-talk] Onion Pi and Tor Talk Meta

Adafruit has a tutorial <https://learn.adafruit.com/onion-pi/overview> on how to make a Onion Pi, that was featured in Make Magazine. (It was actually my first exposure to Tor.) It works by having a Raspberry Pi run Tor and broadcast a WiFi signal that uses the Tor connection. Then, laptops can connect to the Wifi and use their computer as usual, but using Tor. I was wondering with all of the DNS leak issues and such, am I correct in thinking that this simulates running Tails? (i.e. does it effectively remove DNS leaks and prevent programs such as Skype from using non-Tor pathways?)

Also, how do I only respond to part of peoples emails in the list? (i.e. have a some of their text with a blue bar next to it, then some of mine, etc) I'm using Thunderbird.

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