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Re: [tor-talk] Onion Pi and Tor Talk Meta

Charles Thomas:
> Adafruit has a tutorial <https://learn.adafruit.com/onion-pi/overview> on
> how to make a Onion Pi, that was featured in Make Magazine. (It was actually
> my first exposure to Tor.) It works by having a Raspberry Pi run Tor and
> broadcast a WiFi signal that uses the Tor connection. Then, laptops can
> connect to the Wifi and use their computer as usual, but using Tor. I was
> wondering with all of the DNS leak issues and such, am I correct in thinking
> that this simulates running Tails? (i.e. does it effectively remove DNS
> leaks and prevent programs such as Skype from using non-Tor pathways?)

Such setup is called âtransparent proxyingâ. This does not simulate
using Tails. Tails has removed transparent proxying (except for hidden
services) a while ago (0.10, 2012-01-04).

Transparent proxying means that applications will just happily connect
to wherever they want to connect. That means sending local IP address,
serial number for software updates, usernames and many other identifying
information. Often without proper encryption or peer authentication.

It is true that such setup will make all DNS requests go through Tor.
But DNS requests are not the only leaks you need to protect from. Such
setup makes it hard to use the Tor Browser which contains many changes
needed to prevent fingerprinting while using the web. To sum it up, this
is likely to give a false sense of security or worse.

> Also, how do I only respond to part of peoples emails in the list? (i.e.
> have a some of their text with a blue bar next to it, then some of mine,
> etc) I'm using Thunderbird.

Configure Thunderbird to only compose plain text messages. Then delete
the text you don't want to quote. It's simply text.

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