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Re: [tor-talk] What is being detected to alert upon?

The security added by Tor mimicking Firefox' TLS hello is questionable. It's a leftover concept from the initial versions of Tor, before pluggable transports became a thing.

Tor is pretty easy to fingerprint and as all relays are published in the consensus anyway fingerprinting isn't a big deal.

Bridges might have some very small benefit from looking like an old Firefox, but this is not proven. Also, pluggable transports completely eliminate the need for fingerprint resistance in Tor.


Allen schreef op 01/05/15 om 07:41:
I didn't see an answer to this question, but I did compare the TLS Hello's
from Firefox and the Tor binary distributed by torproject.org and there are
lots of differences (see the two files attached), so I'm not sure this is
worth worrying about...

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a connection to a Tor bridge looks kind of like regular TLS traffic.

Question: I recompiled OpenSSL to remove a bunch of features that look
unnecessary and might present a security risk, such as SSL2, SSL3 and DTLS.
(In case it matters, it is OpenSSL v1.0.2a and the specific configure
options are no-ssl2 no-ssl3 no-idea no-dtls no-psk no-srp no-dso no-npn

I'm using this rebuilt DLL with Tor.  Does this compromise Tor's TLS
handshake so that it no longer looks like Firefox?  If so, what so I need to
do to allow Tor to mimic Firefox's TLS handshake?

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