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Re: [tor-talk] Full integration with bitcoin (suggestion / feature request)

On Thu, Apr 30, 2015 at 5:36 PM, Akater <nuclearspace@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> quite obvious. My item c) should have been just "you can't share heavy
> media content efficiently with Tor".

You can. But the existing corpus of free mentality users is unwilling
to pay for the network cost required to offset their own network usage.
Like BT over clearnet which is 1:1 network wise, multihop nets cost
per hop too. Tor would cost you about 7x. Freeloaders can't even
comprehend that level of giveback, let alone execute it. Till they do,
yes, as everyone says, BT at scale will suck for and on Tor.

People can look at Freenet and Maidsafe for further distributed
storage / pay / "proof of resource" network semantics.
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