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Re: [tor-talk] Meeting Snowden in Princeton

On 5/2/15, benjamin barber <barberb@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> How does Ed Snowden not getting caught, have to do with Tor being immune
> from flaws, by that logic I have a tiger repelling rock to sell you (money
> back guarantee).

the claim was not that Tor is immune to flaws. the point is that it
works. it is not systematically broken, otherwise Snowden would have
been neutralized early into tentative discussions with Laura, et. al.

it's also important to note that Tor was only part of Snowden's opsec,
which is a verbose tangent elided here.

> The argument being made by some, is that Ed Snowden was a pawn in a turf
> war between NSA / FBI, by the way he calls himself a patriot, and limited
> disclosure to save US interests.

citation needed. disclosure was delegated to reporters, as Snowden
himself collected details  that have demonstrated impact on US
interests, given only the reporting to date.

> While it's guilt by association, what many dislike is that he has aligned
> himself with tor and EFF, who seem to be also getting more comfortable with
> government and censorship themselves.

what Tor Project and EFF decisions have you felt abdicated to the government?

i have seen only positive efforts to diversify funding, advocate for
privacy, and support other organizations with interests that align
toward team-EarthHuman, and not team-NSA...

best regards,
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