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Re: [tor-talk] expected circuit isolation behavior in torbrowser 4.5

> Hi,
> is it correct that in TBB 4.5 it is expected that all streams
> originating from one browser tab are done through the _same_ circuit
> and that two distinct tabs pointing to two distinct domains do *not*
> share the any circuit?

Basically, yes, although the circuit isolation is strictly speaking not
tab-bound but bound to the URL bar domain: all streams that are
generated due to visiting a particular domain visible in your URL bar
should share the same circuit.

> If the above is true: Would the violation of this expectations be
> considered a bug?

I think so, yes. Note that we still have some corner cases to get
figured out/properly implemented like #13670, #15555, #15599, #15499 and
#13669 to name a few.


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