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[tor-talk] 100-Foot Overview on Tor

Hi all,

I've put together a slide deck that aims to provide a 100-foot
overview on little-t tor and Tor Browser. 100 foot, meaning I go into
a lot of technical detail, but not 10 or 1 foot which means some
things are definitely glossed over or handwaved a little. My
consistency with the 'foot level' throughout the deck varies a bit,
but I think it's decent.

Before I post it on twitter or a blog, I wanted to sent it around
semi-publicly to collect any feedback people think is useful. In
 - Upcoming Improvements worth mentioning (I'm a little light on the
Hidden Services 2.0, but that's proposal is big)
 - Interesting 'hidden depths' worth shedding a little light on
 - Particularly good resources for a specific topic (I'm trying to
avoid linking too much, but some is good)
 - Anything factually wrong of course

Slides are at: https://ritter.vg/p/tor-v1.2.pdf  Yes - it is long.
There's a lot to tor these days :)

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