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Re: [tor-talk] Meeting Snowden in Princeton

On Sun, 3 May 2015 02:02:44 -0700
coderman <coderman@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> On 5/3/15, benjamin barber <barberb@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > Except that TOR says they're going to help LEO with stop cyber
> > criminals according to briefings with UK parliament.
> what part of "Will never compromise Tor" do you not understand?

	LMAO!  What part of 'secret laws' and US military nazis you
	don't understand? 

	Plus, why on earth should anybody trust whatever you post from
	your anonymous address? 

> educating law enforcement does not equate to capitulating to calls for
> backdoors or weaknesses.

	bla bla bla

> when the control port flaw was disclosed, a patch was committed within
> 8 hours - while Tor people were on the road at a security conference.
> this is a record turn-around for any defect i have been involved with.
> in terms of technical measures for security, Tor has a great track
> record - even compared to projects with ten times their resources.
> > Thats not to mean that Tor is a government honeypot but its not
> > secure enough, but if the government makes tor popular people will
> > not be persuaded to more effective models.
> Tor _is_ the most effective model deployed. there are a great many
> ideas about making it even better, and i don't see how Tor being
> popular precludes making it better.
> take a look at the datagram Tor related research to see just how
> difficult / complicated some of these problems are.
>  (userspace stacks, congestion controls, padding and reordering,
> etc... )
> pro-active security posture, prompt resolutions to serious security
> issues, attentive to new research and actively engaged with
> educational and professional organizations.
> any of these aspects speak well of Tor itself and the Tor Project
> around it.
> perhaps disagreement based in technical merit should have been
> requested. do you have any?
> best regards,

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