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Re: [tor-talk] the privacy of public tor descriptor data (was: German University signs up 24 tor relays)

How hypocritical. You like to change the subject, again. You and Roger
crossed the line when you didn't accept the operator's response and
leave them alone. They only responded because you *forced* them to. A
relay descriptor is not a person. It's a machine processing digital
blips on a wire. A public descriptor describes a machine. If that
machine prefers to withhold personally identifying information who are
you to even ask why.

A relay is not a person, a descriptor may describe a real-person
relationship iff the operator decides to. It's a good thing Tor
Project doesn't have a code of conduct posted on the website. If it
did I would ask you to take it down.

Of course you have the right to ask questions and make nice graphs
about relays. If those relay make personally linkable information
available it's a choice. A project that promotes privacy and anonymity
is in violation of it's own purpose the moment it tries to force the
operator to identify themselves. I think you did just that. At least
that was the effect.

You've given me much to think about. Thank you.

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