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Re: [tor-talk] German University signs up 24 tor relays

grarpamp <grarpamp@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Tor is not some private kingdom. It's an open application
> used and operated by whoever for whatever. It is absolutely
> the business of interested users to report, bring attention,
> interrogate and make lists of relays to use, promote or badexit as
> desired. And the business of relays to contactinfo, family, or
> ignore them as they wish. And of people to sniff passwords, inject
> malware, study traffic, researchers to research and others to have
> interest, bandwidth to be donated, disruption and exploit to be attempted,
> fileshare, illegal/legal use, promote best practices, etc. That's the nature,
> strength and weakness of open apps. A free for all where people use
> it as they wish, that's their purview, no police. You expect that, else you
> didn't read the label. Nothing you can do about it. Deal with it or
> create / fork
> your own kingdom. Tor's certainly not the last / best iteration of an anonymity
> network that there will ever be.

Ack. I wouldn't want Tor to be anything but an open protocol/network.
That said, the lack of network security researchers treating their research
as human subjects research when human subjects can be put at risk by it is

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