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[tor-talk] Codename: TorBirdy

Hi all,

(I have subscribed myself as a member of the list now.)

I am interested in sending  e-mails over the Tor network and I stumbled
upon the following website:
After reading the webpage, I installed the extension Birdy in my already
installed Thunderbird.

I believe that sending e-mails over the Tor network is not working for
me, because when Thunderbird restarted after the installation of the
extension "Birdy", no "Tor Network Settings" dialogue was showed. The
video on *https://people.torproject.org/~sukhbir/torbirdy-bundle.ogv
*/does/ show such dialogue.
To add to that, the emails I receive are not in plain text, and it
should be showed in plain text due to security reasons as you described
on the site.

So, I checked the troubleshooting
and it mentions this:
/"//Make sure Tor is running and listening on (localhost) on
port 9150. "/
I had already installed the Tor Browser Bundle, but it is still not
clear what you mean by "running Tor".
Do you mean, and for the record, I work on a Linux machine, to go to the
command console and execute the command 'start-tor-browser' in the Tor
Or are you talking about a service that needs to run in the background?
And if so, how does I run such a service, and could this information be
added on the Birdy site?

Thanks in advance,
Vincent Schouten,

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