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Re: [tor-talk] Codename: TorBirdy

Thank you GÃkÅin and Pacifica.

I guess it worked because after I started TBB (by clicking the desktop
application "start-tor-browser.desktop") and then Thunderbird+Birdy, my
mails were sent in plain txt and no errors were raised. However, how can
I validate that the emails were actually sent over the TOR network?
Perhaps by looking into the source details of the email message at the
receiver's end?

Last question: I might consider to use the system-installed Tor as
opening the Tor Browser every time that you want to send emails is a
little bit 'inefficient'.

@Pacifica, what is your recommendation and is there any extended
documentation about how to use the system version? A step-by-step would
be helpful. Thank you for your time.

> On 2015-05-08 12:51, GÃkÅin Akdeniz wrote:
>> Fri, 08 May 2015 07:29:56 +0000 tarihinde
>> "Vincent Schouten [info]" <info@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> yazmÄÅ:
>> Hello Vincent
>>> So, I checked the troubleshooting
>>> section,"https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/torbirdy#Troubleshooting";,
>>> and it mentions this:
>>> /"//Make sure Tor is running and listening on (localhost) on
>>> port 9150. "/
>>> I had already installed the Tor Browser Bundle, but it is still not
>>> clear what you mean by "running Tor".
>>> Do you mean, and for the record, I work on a Linux machine, to go to
>>> the command console and execute the command 'start-tor-browser' in
>>> the Tor directory?
>>> (Data/tor-browser_en-US/Browser/)
>>> Or are you talking about a service that needs to run in the
>>> background? And if so, how does I run such a service, and could this
>>> information be added on the Birdy site?
>> You can run Tor via Tor Browser Bundle. Simply start TBB and then run
>> "Thunderbird+Torbirdy".
>> Other option is install tor as a service and it will run at boot time
>> or later depending to configuration. Make sure that Tor service is
>> running before launching "Thunderbird+torbirdy"
> Indeed TorBirdy expects the Tor Browser Bundle version of tor, not a
> system-installed tor. TorBirdy is set by default to listen on port 9150,
> which is the port for the Tor Browser Bundle.
> So, by default, it will not work with a system-installed tor, which is
> port 9050. The only exception to this default scenario is in Debian, if
> you install the xul-ext-torbirdy package, which will instead use the
> system tor (port 9050) instead of the TBB tor (9150).
> Else, you can configure TorBirdy in the network settings to simply use
> port 9050 instead of 9150 if you want to use system tor.
> Hope this helps.
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