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Re: [tor-talk] Codename: TorBirdy

On 2015-05-08 12:51, GÃkÅin Akdeniz wrote:
Fri, 08 May 2015 07:29:56 +0000 tarihinde
"Vincent Schouten [info]" <info@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> yazmÄÅ:

Hello Vincent

So, I checked the troubleshooting
and it mentions this:
/"//Make sure Tor is running and listening on (localhost) on
port 9150. "/
I had already installed the Tor Browser Bundle, but it is still not
clear what you mean by "running Tor".
Do you mean, and for the record, I work on a Linux machine, to go to
the command console and execute the command 'start-tor-browser' in
the Tor directory?
Or are you talking about a service that needs to run in the
background? And if so, how does I run such a service, and could this
information be added on the Birdy site?

You can run Tor via Tor Browser Bundle. Simply start TBB and then run

Other option is install tor as a service and it will run at boot time
or later depending to configuration. Make sure that Tor service is
running before launching "Thunderbird+torbirdy"

Indeed TorBirdy expects the Tor Browser Bundle version of tor, not a system-installed tor. TorBirdy is set by default to listen on port 9150, which is the port for the Tor Browser Bundle.

So, by default, it will not work with a system-installed tor, which is port 9050. The only exception to this default scenario is in Debian, if you install the xul-ext-torbirdy package, which will instead use the system tor (port 9050) instead of the TBB tor (9150).

Else, you can configure TorBirdy in the network settings to simply use port 9050 instead of 9150 if you want to use system tor.

Hope this helps.
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