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Re: [tor-talk] Relays - exits, placement, analysis, OS, etc

On 05/19/2015 07:25 AM, grarpamp wrote:
> Nusenu and a few others have been working on
> various analysis of relays...
> - finding historical and current drops into the network
> - current location maps
> - geographics, network, and OS where relays are needed for diversity
> - developing families from suspect metadata
> - ISP good/bad
> - badexit flags documented
> - etc
> These projects seem important enough to consider giving
> them a home at TPO or ensuring there's at least an index
> page on the wiki referencing them all.

We're currently discussing a redesign of torservers.net. I've always
imagined it to be(come) a home for Tor relay operators, not only one
group or a particular set of operators. I'm more than happy to provide
that space and connect interested folks to the volunteer web designer
who offered his help. After all, it sounds like a good fit :-)

We mostly live on OFTC in #torservers and #zwiebelfreunde (German).

Moritz Bartl
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