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Re: [tor-talk] Use of SUNLIGHT for illegal activities

Hello Paul,

when dear god in heaven decided to construct earth, he implemented the sun in such way, that it shines over the good and the bad ones. Think about that. All criminals can do their bad things with help of the daylight. The sunlight is completely neutral, shining for everybody.

What you are asking for is some kind of sunlight which is shining only for the good ones while the bad ones should be kept in the dark. But that approach is childish and unwise. Technical things are always neutral and can be used in any way. TOR is no exception. Use it for good or for bad things.

You talk about pornography. I talk about hitmen, offering their services by hidden servers.

If god decides to remove the sunlight from earth because there are some people not worth to receive sunlight, do you think this were a good idea?

Thomas Hluchnik

Am Mittwoch 20 Mai 2015 schrieb Paul A. Crable:
> I have just finished Macdonald's "Future Crime", a recent book listing the
> ways in which we are all abused and insulted, and will be further abused
> and insulted, by unsavory persons and organizations through our
> technology, particularly through the Internet.  It makes sobering reading.
> TOR is mentioned frequently, but the references are primary to its use by
> criminals to carry out illegal activity, such as the Silk Road incident.
> This ties in somewhat to a recent posting on this list claiming that 2/3's
> of the activity on TOR is involved in pornography.
> I suppose I sound like a disapproving fussbudget, but I have trouble
> understanding how and why we allow TOR to be used this way.  I'm all for
> free speech, but it's still illegal to falsely yell "Fire!" in a crowded
> theater.
> Is there some way to keep TOR out of the hands of sleazebags and crooks?
> Paul
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> I have spoken; all depart.
> Paul A. Crable.  Portland, Ore.  U.S.A.

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