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Re: [tor-talk] Use of SUNLIGHT for illegal activities

Bonjour Christian,

it was me, not Paul. I am not talking in myth, I am talking in imaginations and I feel free to use dear god in my pictures. Who can say this is right or wrong? You? Me? Dear god himself? I am free and I am painting my imaginations in my way. You may like it or not.

About good & bad, right & wrong: fell free to discuss this with your murder if he comes cutting your throat and kidnapping your daughter for selling her as sex slave. It's not just TOR which help him doing such, it's also the sun, spending it's light.

TOR isnt bad and TOR isnt good. It's a tool for the wise one and for the foolish.

Am Mittwoch 20 Mai 2015 schrieb Christian Gagneraud:

> Hi Paul,
> WTF god has to do in this story? We are talking real life, not myth.
> Having said that, I think we all converge toward one thing: Nobody can decide 
> what is right and what is wrong. It is by definition a biased thinking.
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