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Re: [tor-talk] Use of TOR [sic] for illegal activities

>Is there some way to keep TOR out of the hands of sleazebags and crooks?

I ask this myself often when I see people with mobile phones taking
intruding pictures of strangers for their amusement without regards to
other peoples privacy rights.

Is there some way to keep MOBILE PHONES with CAMERAS out of the hands of
sleazebags and crooks?

I don't buy that 2/3's of activity on Tor is involved in pornography.
I think with activity on Tor you mean such involving onion services and
with pornography such content that is forbidden in most countries.
There is a list of about 4100 known onion services, and from the titles of
these sites I assume there are less than 1% pornography related.
And I think like the creators of these services the consumers might split
up into similiar proportions.

You may enjoy this:

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