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Re: [tor-talk] [Cryptography] Dark Web should really be called the Twilight Web

> Internet access is generally provisioned and billed as... choose
> the max bandwidth you want, pay for it whether you use it or not.
> Therefore if you have idle capacity within your max at some moment,
> you have the bandwidth to dynamically fill it with padding at no
> additional cost. It's not a question of buying more to use as fill,
> it's about intelligently filling what you've already comfortably paid
> for.

There are still many places, including some western first-world
democracies, where Internet access is billed by the byte/KB/MB/GB. I
live in a G20 country outside the US and pay for traffic usage. And
anyone using a mobile connection (maybe shared to their laptop) will
most likely be paying for usage and not bandwidth.

Does anyone know how access is billed in countries with mandatory
Internet filtering such as China, Iran, Syria, etc, and what the impact
of filling would be? How would such have impacted, e.g., the Arab

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