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Re: [tor-talk] ProtonMail

Jerry Rocteur:
> I wanted to get your opinion, is ProtonMail a good solution for
> encrypted mails or should I look at alternatives.

What are your alternatives?

> Iâve searched and read quite a few articles and I understand that

Like? Give us some references? I am sure at least some would like to
read those reviews.

> nothing is really secure .. I also have my own Debian server on the

What do you understand by 'really secure'? I live in a small (population
10+k) quiet redneck mountain town. So far I leave my bike in front of a
shop when I do my errands. And leaving it unlocked for up to 30 minutes
has been really secure. I have a feeling you mean something else by
those words.

> web so Iâm open to suggestions if any of you has an opinion.

Protonmail sounds very insecure. I have never used their services, but I
fail to see where I can keep and backup "my" keys or how can I prevent
them from using "my" key. So to me it sounds just like the lies of
HideMyAss. Hopefully, somebody more informed can set the record straight.

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