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Re: [tor-talk] ProtonMail

Excerpts from Jerry Rocteur's message of May 12, 2016 2:47 pm:

I tried to post this before but it never got to the list I think.
I wanted to subscribe to ProtonMail, which I discovered from reading posts here on this list.

I wanted to get your opinion, is ProtonMail a good solution for encrypted mails or should I look at alternatives.

Iâve searched and read quite a few articles and I understand that nothing is really secure .. I also have my own Debian server on the web so Iâm open to suggestions if any of you has an opinion.

Thanks in advance,



If you have your own server, I'd say go for setting up your own mail
server! This way you are sure about who has your mail.
Of course, you ought to have some minimal technical capacity to do that.
It mostly depends on what feature you want.

A basic setting will not be hard to install (typically, postfix+dovecot+a couple of
DNS fiddling).

However every feature you want can then be added, such as pretty webby
interface, full-text indexing, or PGP/DKIM signatures, ...
But each feature already has several opensource solutions to choose from!

And shame on me for sending this message from bloody Gmail ! I should really actually do what I tell others to do...

Cheers !

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