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[tor-talk] fwd: FBI Is Pushing Back Against Judge's Order to Reveal Tor Browser Exploit

Hi Rick and Tor Talkers,

Rick wrote:
> I kept getting pinged when running Tor right when ir was first in beta.  My firewall was set not to respond to pings.  I could register > where they were coming from.  So I did a back trace and it led me to a machine at Harvard.edu. Ftped straight in and a few levels > up was the list of 800 Tor users. 

who doesn't want to know who does that ding-dong ditch. the list of the 800 might result from a kind of login. as a harvard student you might be forced to login and in case you use Tor right after the university will know you are a Tor user. some universities offer to study from a distance so in case there are different (e-mail) addresses and not only those from harvard.

a list of 800 Tor user is a bit short even when you consider that they exchange files and data with other universities and intels.

and you have to consider the countries with an easy entry/exit of internet

"Iraq shuts down internet to prevent students from cheating on exams" 

(that might be just kind of propaganda, but it's the idea what i mean)

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