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Re: [tor-talk] Proxy before Tor in Qubes: Tor bootstrap stops at 80%

> Review all your packet filter / firewall configuration.
Firewall/filter configuration are those of default, firewall of VM is ok
> What software are you using as your SOCKS5 proxy?
> Try pointing tor at tor instead of that, it should work.
I'm using JonDo ip changer
What do you means about pointing tor at tor?
> Test single problems first without any with torrc.
> ./tor -f /dev/null --allow-missing-torrc --socks5proxy "host:port"
In torrc I have only a lines DisableNetwork 0, means that tor start
automatically, the rest are comments
> Try turning up debugging.
Debugging shows me that results are all OK until Tor socksport reachability


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