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[tor-talk] Stipends available for the Privacy Enhancing Technologies Symposium

Hi tor-talk!

The PETS conference is where all of the academic privacy / anonymity
experts gather each year:

This year it's in Minneapolis, July 18-21. Please consider joining us --
and if you do, be sure to stay for the hike on July 22, which is where
many interactions and collaborations move forward.

The list of accepted papers is up (and of course it is open access):

Thanks to the generosity of the National Science Foundation and
(hopefully) Ford Foundation, we have stipends available again this year,
to help get people to the symposium:

The deadline for stipend application is May 31.

We especially want to use the stipends to attract perspectives
and motivations that are different from the usual academic
research-and-publishing crowd. In the past we've had great participation
from people who care about building and deploying the tools (aka hackers
and activists), and from people who care about the societal implications
of the research (aka artists and politicians).


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