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[tor-talk] Relay 0F11F8A09B27D29EC320F74CFEF13E7BD57A434A Ban ?


I'm running a Tor Relay (0F11F8A09B27D29EC320F74CFEF13E7BD57A434A) for the last month, I had no issues but yesterday I’ve got disconnect/Ban for the Tor network.

The first message that I saw was "Fingerprint is marked rejected -- please contact us?" and I read that It could be due outdated software so a ran updates and regenerate relay keys.

Unfortunately, now I get "Suspicious relay address range -- please contact us?"

I've searched for some information but I didn’t found too much, my suspicions are:

- I'm using port 443 (I did to try help skipping censorship, not sure it it helps)
- I'm using OpenDNS free on my server (I didn't know that it could be a problem) I think they are a trustworthyDNS, but I will change if this is the problem.

Please can you help me to know what I have to change/correct to bring back the relay

Thank you,
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