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[tor-talk] Fwd: Orbot 16.0.2-BETA-1 with Tor

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Subject: Orbot 16.0.2-BETA-1 with Tor
Date: Sat, 12 May 2018 01:03:56 -0400
From: Nathan of Guardian <nathan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Organization: Guardian Project
To: Guardian Dev <guardian-dev@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Orbot 16.0.2-BETA-1 with Tor is out. Please test!


We are now using the "split APK" build method to automatically generate
seperate APKs for armeabi and x86, as well as a universal APK. We are
also now using proguard optimizations on the release builds.

This allows us to get the size down for the per architecture APK files
to under 10MB, which means it will be included in the Play Store for
Android Go devices. It is also just a general goal of ours to not follow
the trend of bigger and bigger apps, and to instead, be considerate of
those with the least amount of mobile data and storage.

Otherwise, this build includes:
- A new, more reliable method of installing all the various binaries
- Added "new identity" aka "newnym" menu button on main screen
- Improved language selector (no more random swahili)
- No more Polipo, now using Tor's build in HTTP proxy
- and all the latest improvements from Tor


@n8fr8 n8fr8 released this just now

    8.35 MB
    819 Bytes
    13.1 MB
    819 Bytes
    8.94 MB
    819 Bytes
    Source code (zip)
    Source code (tar.gz)

0b74afb update to build 16020011 16.0.2-BETA-1 with tor
89906a2 update tor vpn values to 192.168.200 base some people might have
conflicts with 10.10.10 base VPN
f702a0e fix country selector spinner bug with phantom selections
3bbf7a1 ensure pluggable transports are updated and set to executable
fa017cf make sure we handle foreground notifications properly
7dd09db update to tor
be61431 make sure all the activities we need are included
af1d933 handle phantom selection of country exit - also support custom
exit override issue
8ebd538 add NEWNYM feature back into main app screen
989cbb2 remove old fullperm manifest
be1f73e go back to one manifest will all perms
93a0092 update implementation of language selector
265caa8 add more releae build crunching compression
074411a always show the hidden service menu
93e6cf3 don't show app vpn selection for devices that don't support it
ad18a40 load PT binaries fromthe native library path
3dc40b8 update to use tor- build with new tor binary method
0d3ef7c update gradle to 3.1.2
49b7228 implement APK splits for architecture specific builds
142d934 update proguard rules
3e8a92a improve how service starts happen on Android O+
6a911d9 Merge branch 'master' of github.com:n8fr8/orbot
a94d2c9 Merge pull request #146 from bitmold/package-refactor
5f33788 control package name didnt match dir
456f896 set pdnsd path dynamically, in case it is installed elsewhere
2b40105 use Tor's built-in HTTP server instead of Polipo
e903ea9 change how we look up the version of tor being used
6678399 update dependency command
c6630b9 update dependency command
bc863d4 updating to build 16010011

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