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Re: [tor-talk] Post Quantum Tor

Kevin Burress wrote:
> We know that ecdsa is weak against a quantum computer, as well as rsa. The
> only evidence I can provide is publicly available:
> https://cointelegraph.com/news/nsa-will-not-use-quantum-computers-to-crack-bitcoin-antonopoulos

Well, with all due respect, Andreas Antonopoulos point of view and
personal opinion cannot be counted as evidence. cointelegraph.com uses
to quote twitter people and technology activists and stuff like this,
but when I say evidence I am thinking of technical or academical papers
describing and proving it exactly. This website is nothing like that.

In this article:
“...Do they use that to break Bitcoin? The simple answer is ‘no.’”

Hmm. Okay. Sounds like a real oracle. So we should just take that quote
and nail it to our bedroom wall and stare at it every day. But this is
worth 0 honestly.

The problem is that if the NSA could break it, so could others that have
enough incentive. Bitcoin price could be an incentive to many less
transparent governments that have funds for research and do not need to
publicly state what they are doing. So I am guessing that if it could be
done, we would see its effect.

> The NSA stating they could break crypto with their current tools
> (specifically the weak ecdsa used for wallets) and that they won't and use
> the tools for "other things" which immediately makes me think of Tor.

Where did they state this exactly publicly and officially? I am just
asking, they could have stated it but I am just not aware of it and
would like to see if possible. I mean they stating it, not someone
saying hey it's me, and I know for sure the NSA can break current crypto.

> The only other evidence I can submit as a need to upgrade encryption in
> general is the government issued that they will no longer use key lengths
> below 3k rsa, and require at least 4096 for top secret information.

Right. Agreed. Encryption should always be upgraded to a point that is
considered sufficient for the forseeable future. Requiring at least rsa
4096 for top secret information means that people are taking extra
security measures and raising standards, which is very very good.
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