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Re: [tor-talk] Explain yourself Conrad Rockenhaus

I dont care about anyone background , bring the technical stuff and let
us discuss them here. but no body should care about anyone background
because it doesnt matter he/she from military or was one ... or working
in any similar fucked up organizations or any similar examples.

From technical point view im not a fan of BSD world , but BSD better
than windows, mac (not better than GNU)

GreyPony from back in 2013 it was not bad to have it specially after
snowden. (i didnt use the service, but some said it was a good one)

anyway its offline now afaik.

Anonymous Tormaster:
>> i dont want to see posts rather than Tor or Tor related technical things.
> i dont want to see trolls or military or whatever, but if im told to choose
> one then i will choose trolls over military. but good thing its decided
> already to be Tor things list.
> Conrad is a Tor Exit Relay Operator and has contributed numerous hours
> bandwidth and money to the Tor Project. He retired from the Navy back in
> 2015. Why do you even care about his military experience bo0od? It's not
> germane to the Tor project at all especially since he's not even in the
> military anymore.
> The fact is Conrad is being censored and can't respond to his trolling or
> harassment because he wanted to offer his free exit services again and he
> wrote an excellent response why that he forwarded out to several people
> since he couldn't respond to list directly I think the bottom part mainly
> applies on why he's being censored in this case:
> Quoting his email:
> In the end, here's what I think is going on.
> Several newbies started using GreyPony. Everything was fine, in fact,
> there was support for it on the mailing list until they started
> bragging about speeds in excess of 1 Gbit/s. Then the following things
> occurred (and if you look back at the mailing list history, you can
> see this):
> 1. There were complaints that said newbies were lying about their exit
> relay speeds, even though speeds are measured by the bwauths, so user
> reported speed really doesn't matter anymore, so this wasn't a valid
> complaint.
> 2. There were complaints that the relays should all be in the same
> MyFamily, even though we don't expect relays hosted on OVH, Hetzner,
> etc. to be reported on the same MyFamily, after all, I didn't have
> access to any of these relays, so this wasn't a valid complaint, as I
> was just hosting the relays.
> 3. Excess traffic was being generated about GreyPony, which Teor asked
> everyone to stop bringing up GreyPony until October because of all of
> it. This was a valid complaint. Due to all of the newbie bragging and
> honestly, because I was proud of the fact that I was helping out
> several people, I let myself get out of hand and replied to the emails
> as well, so I understood and cooled it.
> Now, again, I wind up back in the hospital, things go a little south
> for the project because I'm not around, but I come back and the
> project is ready to start again. Now GreyPony is back to the way that
> we originally intended it to be - a donation only project to provide
> FreeBSD/HardenedBSD exits to Tor. Most of the same guys that were
> running relays with the original one want to come back to the new one,
> plus some new people.
> I'm sorry that people wanting to help the Tor network by providing
> high performance FreeBSD Exit Relays angers you and some other of your
> fellow travellers so much. If it makes you happy, the project will go
> on with or with out your support.
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