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Re: [tor-talk] How keep the hidden service when changing IP interface?

On 5/7/19, Van Gegel <torfone@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> the problem of keeping of a hidden service after periodically changing the
> IP provided by the mobile operator as well as when switching between Wi-Fi
> and a cellular network.

> In such a case Tor should detect that the used circuits have become
> unavailable and build new ones and, possibly,
> possibly, republish rendezvous points for my hidden service.

> onion service becomes unavailable for a very long time (hours)

Tor may not yet have ability to remember and depublish
such descriptors from HSDirs upon IP change, so there
can be some conflicts in the ring for some hours sometimes.

> - What is the algorithm for keeping the life of a hidden service implemented
> in Tor?


> - How to force verification / republish without restarting Tor in case the
> own HS is not available in the periodic self-test?

The tor controller interface has some functions to publish descriptors.

And a new onion address will also publish itself right away.

> - What settings in ‘torrc’ can I use to solve the problem?


> - What patches of the Tor source code can be applied (as an extreme case)?

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