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Re: [tor-talk] Abuse email bot

Conrad Rockenhaus:
> I just figured I would ask to see if anyone had one before I wrote one
> or looked to see if there was a decent solution out there. Since
> Irdeto and all of those lovely DMCA companies ignore WHOIS comments
> that say "please open a web ticket here at https://blah to report DMCA
> related abuse" I was wondering if anyone had a solution that
> automatically searches an abuse email for the reply-to email address,
> since it's usually sent by a nobody@ account or an automated account
> that bounces emails, will take whatever associated case number there
> is with the DMCA complaint, and send a reply, explaining that it's a
> Tor node, if you still want to file a case, open a trouble ticket here
> at this link?
> If someone has something already, I would appreciate it some tips.

Any decent ticket system should be able to cover that use-case.

I also recommend you have a look at the thread 
"Best practices on logical separation of abuse@ vs dmca@ role inboxes"
on the NANOG mailing list from last year.


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