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Re: [tor-talk] Where is 32bit linux tor?

On Wed, 22 May 2019, Colin Baxter wrote:

> I'm at the tor web-site https://www.torproject.org/, but find no link to
> download a 32bit linux tor-browser. The download link gives 64bit
> only. I have to select "Download in another language or platform" in order
> *eventually* to find the 32bit version -- something I did out of
> desperation. I hate to say this but 32bit machines are going to be
> around for a bit longer. Why therefore is the default 64bit? There
> should not be any defaults; all versions should be clearly and *equally*
> accessible from *one* page called `Download'. Pretty revolutionary, eh?

32bits downloads is still available and not difficult to find, so I
don't think that is a problem. Most people have 64bit hardware and should
use the 64bit version, so I think it makes sense to have it as the
default. Especially since some people don't know what the difference
between the two is and would just pick a random one if there was no

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