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Re: [tor-talk] Open tickets

>>> why are there so many tickets which are open since years without any
>>> visible progress? Will they ever be solved or were they forgotten by
>>> its owner?
>> no activity generally means no one wants to fix it as of now or there
>> are more important issues to look after.
> For example, it seems that many tickets about v2 onion services are
> ~dead. Because v2 is being phased out, having been replaced by v3.

Ticketing systems of both open and closed source
systems all look like this... piles of unfixed issues and
unresolved directions. That's not necessarily bad,
just nature.

The right thing to do is for everyone to exert concerted
effort to process them until cleared, a regular banner
month of triage sport, and dedicating new time
percentage ongoing.

Retest and mark current, reopen or reexamine
arbitrary closures, flesh out proposals, add
steps and patches.

As to v2 onions, they provide the only and thus vital
way, in conjunction with OnionCat [1], to support both
UDP and IPv6 transport entirely within onionland services [2]
for the people and applications that need that, and they
obviously accept the v3 vs v2 tradeoffs to achieve that capability.
Until some means for end-to-end P2P 1:1 UDP and IPv6
within v3 onionland is developed, v2 onions remain entirely
valid and should not be removed. Create a maintainer and
HSDIR group just for v2 module if need be. Search this
list for OnionCat or v2 to learn more on this subject.

[1] And OnionVPN
[2] Plus whatever other overlays and networks users
like to securely link up with using IPv6, such as CJDNS.
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