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Re: [tor-talk] Revisiting youtube blocking TBB, virtually all 1st attempts to load YT

whats the different between watching video over invidious or youtube? I dont see a reason for me to search or watch videos over youtube.

On 3/4/20 1:15 PM, bo0od wrote:
use invidious instance like: invidio.us or anyone eles. Also you can
download YT videos using for e.g youtube-dl. These solves the headache
of google shit.
That's one way. Not as easy or fast as viewing short videos in a browser.
If I'm researching something technical, I may only watch a few seconds
or a minute till I see it isn't what I expected (from the title /
summary, etc.). Then immediately to the next.

I have had more consistent results w/ youtube & a few other sites by
clearing the cache & new identity.  I'll try 1x - 2x getting a new
circuit, as it's very quick.

Over time - at least for me, if that doesn't immediately fix their
block, I immediately clear cache & get new identity, or close the site,
if other sources exist.  So far, that's had a high success ration.

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