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Re: [tor-talk] Wahay: Mumble + Onion Service

Nice Tool, More good suggestions:

-A better start is to look into integrating it with debian official repos

- Create an AppImage for GNU/Linux distros (safer and faster than adding external repos)

- Fuck Windows and MacOS , support BSD and/or any free software OS (optional suggestion)

Thanks for the great work!

Rafael Bonifaz:

My name is Rafael Bonifaz and I work at Centro de Autonomía Digital -
CAD[1]. We are an organization based in Quito - Ecuador that creates
FLOSS applications for online privacy and security.

Our latest project is call Wahay that combines two great projects:
Mumble and Tor. The user interface is similar to Zoom, where you can
start a meeting or join a meeting.

When you start a Wahay meeting, in the background it starts a Mumble
server (Grumble) and publish it as a Onion Service. To join the meeting
other people would copy the onion address into the Wahay client and in
the background it would start a torify Mumble that would connect to the
Onion Address. To simplify the audio configuration in Mumble it
automatically starts in push to talk mode where you would use right
control key to talk.

The user experience is more like a Walkie Talkie than to a conventional
VoIP conference application.  At the moment it is available for Linux
and in the near future we plan to make it compatible versions for
Windows and Mac. We have installation instructions for several Linux

You should be able to join a Wahay meeting with a torify Mumble in any
operating system.  There is work in progress in Mumla (Android Mumble
client - Plumble fork) to make it friendly to join torify Mumble[3]. You
might want to take a look to that nice project.

Wahay is GPL v3 and you can find the code in Github[4].

If you speak Spanish you could listen to how it works in this radio
interview[5]. We used Wahay for a live interview and it worked pretty
well :).

Have a nice weekend and please if you have time help us test it.



[1] https://autonomia.digital
and the webiste in general https://wahay.org
[3] https://gitlab.com/quite/mumla/-/issues/3
[4] https://github.com/digitalautonomy/wahay
[5] https://archive.org/details/sonambules_wahay

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